Saturday, 20 September 2008

Album Of The Year

Out 29th September. Invest.

"The future of dance music." - i-D Magazine

"Sensational on almost every level, they'll make you dance with tears in your eyes." - Dazed & Confused

"Ali Renault and Sebastian Muravchix have just made one of the most intoxicating synth-pop albums of the last ten years." - Vice

I've purposefully held off from posting about Heartbreak as they are all over the blogs as it is, but as it's nearing the release date - I urge as many people as possible to check this album out.

I first heard about them when checking out the line-up for this years Dot to Dot Festival in Nottingham, and it seems I'm forever destined to regret not attending for the first time in three years.

Heartbreak = Love.

Heartbreak - Regret (Zshare)
Heartbreak Myspace
Pre-order from Puregroove

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