Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Exclusive: The Walls Have Ears

More evidence that labour bares fruit, or more importantly months of hassling busy people who actually have lives outside of the internet for mp3s pays off, here's something I've been wanting to share for a good while now... here's 6:42 of musical bliss.

Cage & Aviary are East London duo Jamie Paton and Nigel of Bermondsey who produce some absolute epic house music with Balearic, Cosmic Disco and Kraut influences.

You're going to be hearing a lot more of Cage & Aviary in the coming months with a 10" release of Friday 14th pts I&II through Parisian label Astro Labs in September, a yet to be decided 12" on Tiny Sticks and topped off with a January release of Television Train on 12" through the mighty DFA Records.

It doesn't even stop there, Jamie and Nigel will be releasing limited 12" of their remixes which will feature a Cage & Aviary vocal remix on the A-side and a dub on the B-side, all through their own imprint The Walls Have Ears.

First up will be Country Girls by Bow Mods in October, with more on the way from Toy Toy, Truck, F**, Artanker and SidWho?, most of which can be found on their Remix Myspace.

Cage & Aviary - Hot Cancel (Zshare)
Cage & Aviary Myspace
Cage & Aviary Remix Myspace

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