Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Guest Mix: Jamie Paton (Cage & Aviary)

In conjunction with our last post, we're starting a new feature which is simply entitled Guest Mix.

It will be an irregular affair, consisting of me asking people whom I know/love/respect in music to contribute a mix or mixtape of whatever material they like, as a sort of representation of their tastes.

First up is Jamie Paton of Cage & Aviary.

Multitrack Suggestion Mix // 01:00:14

Droids - Shanti Dance
Watussi - If All We Had Was Love
Vangelis - Multitrack Suggestion
Logun - These Things
Blackway - New Life
Material - Ciquiri
Ost & Kjex - Have You Seen the Moon in Dallas? (Murice Fulton Remix)
Matthew Dear - Elementary Lover
Roxy Music - The Main Thing (Extended Mix)
Chromatics - Hands In the Dark
Japanese Synchro System - Check It, Spread It (Carl Craig Remix)
Arthur Russell - Arm Around You

Jamie Paton (Cage & Aviary) - Multitrack Suggestion Mix (Zshare)

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