Saturday, 6 September 2008

Justice Is Served

Justice. New. Justice. New. Justice.

I've been excited about this bad boy ever since I heard it had been commissioned, however I deliberately stayed away from the rips that were being thrown around and decided I'd wait it out until the high bit-rate was released.

And was it worth it...

Many thanks to Buzz End Direkt for suppling the .Rar file and all of it's 320kbps greatness.

I've heard some bad bad things about this magnum opus, which was commissioned for Dior's Homme Spring/Summer 09 show in Paris. However, I think it's just the usual Ed Banger backlash talking as let's face it, it's brilliant.

Justice - Planisphère Part 1 (Zshare)
Justice - Planisphère Part 2 (Zshare)
Justice - Planisphère Part 3 (Zshare)
Justice - Planisphère Final (Zshare)

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