Sunday, 7 September 2008

When I'm With You I Am Hypnotized

I tend to keep away from posting leaks or reviewing things as I like to keep it fresh, despite this I felt compelled to plug this album because it's that damn good.

Norway's original pop-queen Annie is back with her second LP Don't Stop, and it's a real lesson in how to make a great pop record.

Featuring the likes of Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand) and Fredrik Saroea (Datarock) and with Xenomania (Girls Aloud, Gem, Kylie) and Richard X (Kelis, M.I.A., Róisín Murphy) on production, it's got it all.

Songs like My Love Is Better and current single I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me show she hasn't lost her touch for the bubble-gum pop, mesmerising choruses and catchy ditties that we expect.

A few ballads are thrown in for good measure such as Bad Times and Heaven & Hell but it's really the last three tracks that make this album for me.

First up, What Do You Want (The Breakfast Song) is ridiculously catchy, with a shout-out-loud chorus that will become ingrained in your brain to the point that it won't leave. Matched with with cascasding synths and marching drums it's a really fun song.

Take You Home is an altogether different animal, a sexually charged ode to seduction with trip-hop influenced beats - easily my favourite track on the album.

Don't Stop closes with Song Reminds Me Of You, a New Order-esque disco-pop effort with another trademark chorus which could easily be something Kylie would have a number 1 hit with.

Don't Stop will be released through Island Records on October 6th.

Annie - Take You Home (Zshare)
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Pre-order Don't Stop @ HMV

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Milkieboy said...

This album tops her first one. Love it!