Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Not Suitable For Children Under The Age Of 3

A blog favourite and still one of the most underrated producers in the UK - The Aspirins For My Children (aka Daniel Barker) is back with another cracking track with his trademark sound and mastery of the sequencer.

I've still got my fingers crossed for some material to be released in the near future and there has been mention of Thecocknbullkid (aka Anita Blay) laying down some lyrics for my favourite TAFMC track, The Cutter.

In the meantime, here's Appendix.

The Aspirins For My Children - Appendix (Zshare)
The Aspirins For My Children Myspace

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On Dancefloors said...

If we're getting pedantic, which we always are, because it's you and me, children cannot taken aspirin under the age of 12.