Sunday, 23 March 2008

Medicating The Masses

The Aspirin's for my children,
It's either Aspirin or I kill them,
Until something takes our pain away,
Lets all get fucked on crack.
D Barker 2004

The Aspirins For My Children aka 21 year old London producer Daniel Barker, has been on my radar for some time, and one of the things I like most about writing on this blog is that it gives me an excuse to get hold of songs from people I've admired for ages and complain about how more people should check them out.

I get the impression that music is just one of Daniel's many talents as he's also a designer and currently a film student. Despite not playing any musical instruments, he seems to be a master of the sequencer and has a nack of producing smooth, clean and addictivly catchy beats.

Blending elements of grime, dubstep, electro and hip-hop, he's produced work for artists such as Niyi, Cocknbullkid, Miss Odd Kidd and the sadly no longer YR MUM | YA DAD. I'll let these do the rest of the talking...

The Aspirins For My Children - The Cutter
The Aspirins For My Children - Attention (feat. TheCockNBullKid)
The Aspirins For My Children - Trust None But Some


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WoW said...

thats quite a different sound. like it!