Wednesday, 26 March 2008

No More Bolt Action

So Bolt Action Five are no more.

After releasing singles through No Pain In Pop and This Is Fake DIY as well as a remix EP on Lost In Paris Records, it seems the self-proclaimed 'Industropoppers' have called it a day after posting a bulletin confirming the rumours on their Myspace account.

Quite a shame considering the London four-piece could produce some awesome dance-floor hits on their day, including one of the soundtracks to my summer last year (due to my housemate having it on repeat ALL the time) - Tree Friend Tree Foe.

We wish them all well and look forward to hearing their new projects. Here are some of their unreleased songs available for download on their Myspace page.

Bolt Action Five - Hellmouth
Bolt Action Five - Landmark Landfill
Bolt Action Five - Face Of The Beast
Bolt Action Five - Standby


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