Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Hype: You'll Find I'm Not That Easily Impressed

Let me tell you a story...

Sometime during 2005 in the alternate dimension that is Shoreditch, a world renowned producer/DJ/label boss meets an ex-choir boy for a one off jamming session. Presumably the aforementioned jamming session goes well as it's the beginning of a collaboration that is still going strong to this day and has since taken the name of ColouringIN.

It turns out that the above actually happened, the world renowned producer/DJ/label boss is Tom Neville and the ex-choir boy is Henry Bennett and the unlikely pair have just finished their debut album.

With a previous promo release called Robot Restroom under the name Tom Neville presents: Colouring In and a penchant for alliteration and consonance, the duo seem to take an 'anything goes' approach in terms of sound. Here's a slice.

ColouringIn - Intergalactic Romantic (YSI)

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