Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Hits The Spot: You Have No New Messages

I just got hold of this, and it has me spellbound.

So there's a level playing field here, James Figurine is the pseudonym of James Tamborello, who is also known as Dntel or one half of The Postal Service.

He's done something quite extraordinary; he's reworked a song by The Streets into something that is not only listenable, it's hypnotising.

Rather predictably, he's completely discarded the awful spoken word lyrics of Mike Skinner, and put his own down-tempo spin on Blinded By The Lights.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

James Figurine - Blinded By The Lights (The Streets Cover) (YSI)

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Anonymous said...

found the link in last.fm... FANTASTIC!

Anonymous said...

I saw it on hypem, either way good choice. I love the Figurine song So Futuristic as well.