Thursday, 15 January 2009

Hype: 2009 Who's Who #4

#4 Django Django

I haven't been able to get enough of Django Django since coming across them towards the tail end of last year.

Having recently been snapped up by the management team behind Basement Jaxx, Roisin Murphy, Orphans & Vandals and White Williams, the trio (from London, Derry and Scotland respectively) wear their influences on their sleeves without falling into the all too common pitfall of imitating them. Tastes which include Arthur Russell, Moondog, Sun Ra and Devo. Finally, a band after my own heart.

My favourite track of theirs so far is Default, which can be found on their Myspace. If this track is not destroying dance floors by the end of 2009... I will eat my own face.

Something that struck me right away, and a sure sign of things to come, is that each track flirts with different styles and genre without committing to any specifically. A great example of this would be the contrast between the high level of production on Default and the bare bones acoustics of Fire Water, whilst sharing the same level of craft and attention to detail.

Django Django have several gigs in London in the next few months, including dates at Notting Hill Arts Club, The Flea Pit and The Macbeth. See Myspace for further details.

Django Django - Storm (YSI)

Django Django - ZUMMZUMM (YSI)

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