Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hype: 2009 Who's Who #5

#5 Pageboy

I think that it is about time that I concluded the 2009 Who's Who feature, so without further a do, may I introduce London based five-piece Pageboy.

From the material I've heard so far, it's traditional pop with a transatlantic twist in that front-woman Brooke Gengras is from New York (while Chris, John, Rob and Futz are all London residents). Having been around the proverbial block in a few other bands (including a very successful all female Led Zeppelin covers band), the enigmatic singer has finally planted her flag in London.

It's still extremely early days as the band have played only a handful of gigs and there are only a couple of demo clips on their Myspace page. However, they have the backing of some extremely influential people, and I have no doubt that as the months pass, you'll be hearing more and more about Pageboy.

I'll be interviewing them sometime next month, and hopefully I'll have some tracks for you too. Gengras et al will be performing at Monto Water Rats and Notting Hill Arts Club in the first week of Feb.

Normal blogging will now resume, I hope you enjoyed the feature.

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