Thursday, 29 January 2009

Hype: Keep My Love Like I Keep My Stash

Now it's time to fill you in on what I was listening to whilst the 2009 Who's Who feature was a work in progress.

First up are tongue-in-cheek Boston (USA) synth-pop trio Giantess.

Whilst they can sound a bit Iglu & Hartly at times, I love their light hearted approach and the track below is far and away their best. It makes me think just how great Ghosthustler could have been if Alan Palamo had never left.

Not only are they produced by Ayad Al-Adhamy of Passion Pit, but they are managed by Derek of GWFAS and Neon Gold, so I'd imagine there's already A&R's from every label imaginable on to them already.

Tuff n' Stuff will be released through Neon Gold in March, along with an EP full of as yet unheard songs.

Now put this on full volume, reach for the nearest hairbrush and get carried away to the mammoth synth action.

Giantess - Tuff n' Stuff (YSI)

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