Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Exclusive: With My Advice; This Could Be The Finest Night

I first came across Hereford five piece apples and their fantastic track Reason 45 courtesy of Jamila of Fucking Dance, and I'll be honest; they weren't my usual cup of Yorkshire Tea.

However, there's something about their brand of sunny-side-up guitar pop that seems to capture my sentimental side and forces me to submit to seeing the world through rose tinted glasses and embrace my inner wellness... or something.

I'll be checking them out at The Great Escape and Dot to Dot in the coming weeks and I've no doubt that they are headed for BIG things. Right on cue, here's an exclusive download of an as-yet-unheard track which will be doing the rounds soon.

apples - Swiss Beauty (Home Demo) (YSI)

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2 Voicemails:

jamila FUCKING DANCE said...

it sounds grand. ps. you totally failed at linking me.

Carl said...