Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Hype: Watching Beauty Fall From Grace

It's all about the fresh, the new and the incredible here on IT, and that ethic is embodied perfectly in Midlands duo NewIslands.

Frontman David Jones and producer Luke Shoesmith seem to have stumbled in to a blissful coexistence of epic instrumentals, sumptuous soundscapes and snarling lyrics, all delivered with real bite and complete conviction.

The ball is already rolling for them, with gigs across the length and breadth of the UK, starting with Mat Horne's (yes, that Mat Horne) new club night Session 2 at Queen Of Hoxton on May 16th.

NewIslands - Don't Stop Dreaming (Demo) (YSI)

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5 Voicemails:

The Bubble Boy said...

Great find. You're on the ball, as ever.

Their track 'Crosstown Feel' reminds me of Late of the Pier's 'Space And The Woods' in a good way.

Anonymous said...

very interesting track, a mix between yesayear, japan and depeche mode.

Anonymous said...

Loving NEWISLANDS.....'Crosstown Feel' IS the sound of Summer.

Anonymous said...

great sound these guys have got! sounds very fresh

David - Separated By Motorways said...

cheers this is pretty good!