Friday, 29 May 2009

Hype: Invented Problems For Fragile Minds

London five-piece So Say So are a band that I've really fallen in love with recently.

The result of the amalgamation of members from two defunct bands, Kerrigan of they don't sleep and Jeion of Optimist Club respectively, as well as bringing friends Thom, Caroline and Graham into the fold, So Say So seem to have found the perfect balance of the experimental instrumentalism of their previous bands with a more traditional songwriting ethic.

I haven't heard a new band of this ilk that have really grabbed me as instantaneously as this since F. Lunaire/Disappearers and having already supported The Veils and Hjaltalin, this is a band who are on the up.

So Say So - The Slow Game (YSI)

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Dance dance to the radio said...

I like this song, thank you ! :)