Friday, 29 May 2009

Hype: Toss And Turn Until We Find Our Way

West Coast duo Baby Monster are one of the hottest US bands bringing the heat right now that's not attached to either the Brooklyn or Boston scenes which seem to be so prominent at the moment.

Their sound nestles somewhere in between the cut-and-shut beats of South Central and grandiose style and scale of MGMT. There's even a little bit of a The Eraser era Thom Yorke vocal in their track Young Bridget Bardot.

Whether Baby Monster can hold their own against the hyperbole wave riding (but no where near as good everyone keeps telling me) Passion Pit or the mainstream juggernaut that is MGMT remains to be seen, but this a band with as good a chance as any that I've heard this year.

Baby Monster - Curses (YSI)

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2 Voicemails:

Anonymous said...

They sound an awful lot like M83

Dance dance to the radio said...

Yeah, "Curses" sounds like the last album of M83 ...