Saturday, 27 June 2009

Hype: One Day I Woke Up To Find There Was A Hole In My Mind

Every now and then you - or I at least - come across a track that just makes you think "This is why I love music so much." and Once And For All by London's Clock Opera is one of them.

The new project of Guy Connelly (formerly of The Corrections), Clock Opera are already receiving a lot of interest from labels and the like and I also have it on good authority that their live show is something of a spectacle.

Although it's still early doors, there's already a huge sound there and with performances at the likes of London's Paradise Gardens and Lattitude Festival, I'm looking foward to hearing more from them and seeing how things take shape in the coming months.

One thing's for sure, if there are more like the track below on the way then this could be something really special. Here's one of my tracks of 2009...

Clock Opera - Once And For All (Limited Download)

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Robin said...

Hey. We came across your blog recently and like it a lot - you've written about several artists (Clock Opera and Kid Adrift) that we really rate and have featured on our own blog (including an interview with Clock Opera)

Keep up the good work and we're gonna add you to our list of blogs we read !

Robin @ Breaking More Waves blog