Friday, 17 July 2009

Hype: A Vision

North London four-piece WILD PALMS are a band I've quickly fallen for in a big way since reading about them in Dazed a while back.

Whilst they do have an air of familiarity in their sound (perhaps something akin to what These New Puritans would sound like if they focused less on pretension and more on musicianship), there's something really refreshing, gripping and almost consuming in their music.

WILD PALMS come across as a band who aren't about the bright lights, the huge deals or the spot on Jools Holland but instead about a work ethic and emphasis on being a band that they themselves can be proud of. I can't help thinking that the track that I'm about to post holds their mission statement in its lyrics, "I crave for something fresh, I crave for something new".

It's also a busy time for Darrell, Lou, Gareth and James, as they are set to play 1234 Festival, have just been confirmed as tour support for Good Shoes and are currently half way through supporting The Warlocks on their UK tour.

WILD PALMS - Deep Dive (YSI)

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