Friday, 6 November 2009

Interview: Baby Monster

Having been raving about them for a fair few months now, I managed to grab Oregon-based Baby Monster for a few words upon their return home from playing a handful of gigs in London. Here's how it went down.

Hey guys, you well?
Actually pretty sure we've got the H1N1, recovering from a week in London and the 22 hour trip home.

I first blogged you way back in May, what have you been up to since then?
Signed a sponsorship deal with Sprite... No we didn't, but we would if they offered... Lots of recording and trying to finish our album. Also, we've got the live band together with drums and lights etc.

You recently performed at CMJ for some label or other too?
It was one of our first shows actually, all the bands were awesome. Local Natives and Theophilus London really killed it...

What did you enjoy most about the UK?
Riding the tube and meeting nice English birds, and Halloween!

You’re about to release your debut single on 50 Bones, have you had much of a chance to check out the rest of their output?
Definitely. Its really impressive that they've released those artists so early on. Dennis is a bad man.

A lot of people have been comparing you guys to MGMT and even M83, compliment or curse?
Probably a bit of both. We love both those bands but most of our stuff doesn't sound much like either of them. Once people hear more songs their opinions should change.

Danny, I heard you turned down the chance to work on what would have been MJ's new album, what's the story there?
I got the offer right around the same time we had just finished 'Ultra Violence and Beethoven' and it woulda been too much time away from Baby Monster so I decided not to do it.

You've also put out a few remixes in the past couple of months, are there any more in the pipeline?
Yes, Ellie Goulding and Housse De Racket!

Marty, you've played in a couple of bands before BM, what's the Oregon scene like?
So many awesome Oregon groups! The best album from Oregon is 'Yes.No.Shut It.' by experimental noise rock group The Hunches. But also the song 'I Was Drinking In A Trash Can' by The Blimp

It's been a pretty crazy year for you guys so far, what's the plan for 2010?
Move to England, tour, put out a record and record another record... become big stars in Japan, eat sushi foreverrrrr.


Debut single Ultra Violence & Beethoven is out on Monday (9th November 2009) along with a pretty sweet remix from Irish duo Arvene & Misk (that I'm sure you've already downloaded by now!) through 50 Bones.

You can pre-order/purchase exclusively from Pure Groove here.

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