Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010 Who's Who: Gold Future Joy Machine

Let's start the hyperbole off with a band that I've been attempting to pin down since March last year, Gold Future Joy Machine.

Lead by frontman Johnny Kenton, the five-piece are almost a law unto themselves. Having spent most of 2009 recording an album's worth of demos whilst holed up in their makeshift basement studio in Hackney, and simultaneously hosting their own invite only warehouse parties to test them out on friends and followers, they have basically refused to play ball with anyone outside of their inner circle.

The fact that they've done everything on their own terms and devoid of outside influence is both something of a rarity in current times and something that I have the utmost respect for, and it definitely seems to have paid off.

They now have the entire music industry at their mercy and have managed to build a team of people around them that will hopefully do them justice. I'll be posting a lot more about them in the coming months, but for now check out Pariah.

Gold Future Joy Machine - Pariah (stream only)

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4 Voicemails:

Anonymous said...

I saw them play in Hackney, wow! what a show. This band has the most amazing drummer.

Anonymous said...

Their warehouse party was fucking awesome!!! great vibe and the band really rocked!!!!

Anonymous said...

this band are amazing...every track in their set sounds huge. Can't wait for the album!

Anonymous said...

Yeah they're amazing, their parties will be legendary and their music is wicked. It's still evolving. They will be very special this year!