Thursday, 7 January 2010

2010 Who's Who: Velo

Keeping things London-based for the second band in our 2010 series, moving from a basement studio in the East, to one in the North, and from GFJM to the glorious pop of Velo.

Led by Sie Medway-Smith and Pete Cochrane, Velo are that rarest of breeds in that they seem totally at ease matching electronic production with organic instruments while maintaining a 24-carat ear for a hook and radio-friendly chorus - a sound the French, Swedish and Australians have had locked-down for years but somehow escaped us, until now...

A combination of gorgeous melodies and lifting choruses, mixed in with inescapably tight bass, pounding drums and soaring synths saw industry vying for their scribble within weeks of their emergence, and with a seemingly never-ending supply of even stronger material and whispers of imminent deals, Velo are a safe bet for huge things.

Currently rehearsing with a full band in preparation for their live debut this February at one of London's biggest club nights, Sie and Pete have also just completed work on a devastating remix for a certain Miss Goulding's major-label debut single, as well as finding time to remix a host of 2010's other great white hopes; all demonstrate the duo's midas touch to fullest effect, and are sure to surface soon in all the right places, so keep both eyes wide-open. In the meantime, take a dip in the sublime Trading Alibis.

Velo - Trading Alibis (YSI)

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2 Voicemails:

Liz said...

brilliant band, love the music, looking forward to hearing more from them!

Jade Leonard said...

This is great! I am an independent singer songwriter and I learn a lot from reading blogs like this - thanks so much for sharing.