Wednesday, 24 February 2010

2010 Who's Who: Andrew Davie

We're now nearing the end of our Who's Who feature (which has admittedly taken a little longer than expected), leaving behind the electro/synth-pop that has so far dominated proceedings and confidently striding in to more mainstream territory whilst simultaneously taking things up a gear.

There aren't many better candidates for this than 21 year old Andrew Davie, whom seemingly raised on modern American greats such as Tom Waits, Daniel Johnston and Elliott Smith, is sure to be competing with more established chart behemoths before the year is out.

The industries on both sides of the Atlantic are currently fighting tooth and nail for his signature and rightly so, combining a voice that sounds as tortured as it does delicate with a repertoire that most singer/songwriters would kill for even at this early stage, it seems to be less a case of "if" and more a case of "when".

For now though, I'll leave you with Elysium.

Andrew Davie - Elysium (stream only)

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1 Voicemails:

Phil said...

As long as they don't try to turn him into an acoustic Owl City, sounding good!