Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Exclusive: Just One More Dance

So we've posted the Entrepreneurs remix of Marina and the Velo remix of Ellie Goulding, it's now time to unshackle the final part of the trinity of earth shattering remixes that I've been cryptically rambling on about on Twitter for the past month or so.

So here we have it, The Aspirins For My Children has surpassed himself yet again in what I think is his best remix to date, an absolutely huge reworking of Gold In The Fire by Monarchy.

Spacious, climactic, deadly.

Monarchy - Gold In The Fire (The Aspirins For My Children Remix) (YSI) EXCLUSIVE

It's no suprise that all three of the original artists have had releases on Neon Gold, and the latter's debut single was unleashed with B-side Black The Colour Of My Heart on Monday. Cop it from Puregroove here or straight from the Neon Gold HQ if you're in the US.

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3 Voicemails:

l i l l i a n said...

Heyy, do you guys mind updating your links? Unfortunately, your Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Velo's Wild Eye Remix) link is down.

Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, guys...? I miss you.

Carl said...

Fear not, we are still alive. Re: Lillian, it got taken down by the label but other blogs have re-uploaded it. Google should help!