Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hype: Gained Wisdom

We've stated on many an occasion that we love all things multi-tasking, multi-instrumental or multi-disciplined, so London four-piece Breton are like all of our Chrismukkah presents not just coming at once, but hand delivered in a giant matte black box that's neatly held together with razor-wire ribbon.

Having only released their as-limited-as-it-gets debut Practical EP (exclusively available at Rough Trade) at the beginning of the month, they already have their sights set squarely on their follow up Sharing Notes which will be released in June.

Not to be confined to the constraints of the aural, Breton are also masters of the visual; their most recent work being the video for IT darlings NewIsland's debut single Out Of Time (which can be found here). It's also rumoured that they are soon to work with Penguin Prison in the same vein so keep the retinas peeled for that one.

For now, here's The Well - taken from the aforementioned Sharing Notes EP.

Breton - The Well (YSI)

Breton will also be performing at White Heat (London) this week, along with May68 and Portasound, maybe I'll see you there?

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