Monday, 15 March 2010

Who's Who 2010: Morning Parade

This post has been a long time coming. Here it is, my final Who's Who for 2010.

Having first discovered my next tip in early Autumn of last year, I've followed their progress closely; listened as they perfected their sound, watched as they honed their live show, and waited until all the pieces of this particular puzzle had fallen into place as perfectly as those September leaves carpeted the cold ground, before finally introducing them.

The. Wait. Is. Over. And when the finished article is as special as Morning Parade, it was well worth it.

Hailing from deepest Essex, childhood friends Steve Sparrow, Chad Thomas, Phil Titus, Ben Giddings and Andy Hayes craft dramatic, heart-on-the-sleeve anthems. Fusing electronics with guitar parts and keys with self-assured emotion, Morning Parade are making unapologetically epic songs to soundtrack first kisses and last goodbyes. Somehow, I don't think the wait before they blow up will be nearly as long...

I'm very proud to be giving them their first exposure here on IT, and even more so to be offering their debut single - Marble Attic - in partnership with the official Morning Parade site as an exclusive download below.

Morning Parade - Marble Attic (YSI) EXCLUSIVE

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3 Voicemails:

Anonymous said...

a-ma-zing *.*
you should make a proper facebook page, so we can be fan of this blog

Andrew said...

This band are amazing live a must see for anyone with a passion for good music, These lads are set to make a big impact in the industry with this amazing new vibe. Keep up the good Work :-)

janicemenezes86 said...

I agree, you blog is great! You should check out this wicked new band called Sound of Guns. Here is the album preview, have a listen! My fav track is Architects, see what you think.