Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hype: I See That Look In Your Eyes

Despite being on my radar for a while now, I'll confess to still knowing very little about Sign Symbols.

Always courteous in correspondence, refreshingly humble and obviously a huge talent, all I know is this: it's a solo project. He's based in Brighton. He enjoys making music and... Well, that's basically your lot. For now.

Oh, except to say that the music he enjoys making also happens to be a rather lovely blend of breathless, falsetto vocals sitting on top of tight, percussive drum samples and synthetic strings that'll happily ease you into a rather lovely blend of dreamy tranquility.

Both of his tracks are available to grab gratis at SoundCloud now. Alternatively, you could waste no more time and download the rather good Coughing Bones here...

Sign Symbols - Coughing Bones (YSI)

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