Friday, 5 March 2010

Hype: There's A Spotlight In The Sky

So in the mood for a good Hype. Which is handy, 'cause SPARK is a great one.

At just 18 years old, London's SPARK is still in her infancy as an artist, but you don't need a telescope to see that she has pretty much everything, and all in super-sized spades. Lazy comparisons to Lily are, I'm guessing, inevitable, especially in light of Miss Allen's impending 'retirement', but outside of the basics - a young female singer, a precocious talent and a ferocious blogger - there's little in common musically.

SPARK does however seem to share Lily's knack for producing songs that, on first listen sound like catchy, disposable pop, but that with each airing after grow into unmistakably massive hits; full-on pop monsters that you turn on the radio in the hope of hearing.

Of the tracks I've heard so far, it's the eccentric chamber sounds of Revolving that excites the most, but make no mistake, every single second of every single song is packed full of potential, ideas and above all, choruses that will make you want to dust off the tapedeck and record the Top 40 countdown all over again. Or, you know, buy it on iTunes.

For now though, feel free to cop the amazing Shut Out The Moon demo below.

SPARK - Shut Out The Moon (YSI)

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