Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Plug: Creatures Of The Night

Tonight's double feature sees the return of two IT favourites with bestial monikers from last year, with the charismatic Wolf Gang set to release their full blown début single and pop charmer Danimal Kingdom also releasing his long awaited début single.

It's been a steady year for Wolf Gang and with a fully formed live band now in place and limited releases through Neon Gold and Hit Club in their back pocket, it's time to take things up a notch.

Lions In Cages will be their first major release through Atlantic and will be ripe for general consumption on 22nd November. However, it's floating around the blogs already and in case you've been asleep as much as me in the past couple of days, you can get it below.

Wolf Gang - Lions In Cages (YSI)

I'm genuinely ecstatic that Danimal Kingdom is finally set to release his debut single and double A side Vinyl Skipping Ever Backwards / Through The Ice next month, even more so that it's via the Slutty Fringe-backed Hot Pockets.

After instantly falling in love with his sense of whimsy and talent for conjuring the most mesmeric of hooks as he rose from the ashes of former band Bolt Action Five last year, all seemed to go quiet and I feared it might never develop as I'd hoped, but after a few changes behind the scenes - things seem to be back on track and I couldn't be more pleased.

Check out this little gem before the main attractions are unveiled next month, and why not jump on the mailing list and download it here.

Danimal Kingdom - Amputee Spirit

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