Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Plug: Inside Your Heart

There are two pieces of excellent news in one post tonight. The first being that Elan Tamara announces the release of her second EP on 28th October. The second is that it will be the first release on Kwes' label, Bokkle.

Shadows, a flowing progression from her debut Gold Fishes EP, is a vivid mixture of escapism and seeking beautiful simplicity even in life's most mundane events, summed up by Elan herself in Frog Song, "I don't want people to find me, in my world of imaginary."

Another continuation from Gold Fishes is that the inimitable Kwes is back behind the production desk throughout and just gets better with every release, be it as collaborator or flying solo, with his work on opener Tubes being a personal highlight of his output thus far.

Frog Song is available for your ears below and you can pre-order Shadows (along with Elan's incredible trademark Paisley artwork) now from Rough Trade here.

Elan Tamara - Frog Song (stream only)

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