Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hype: If You Found Out

London's Ghost Eyes may be fresh in the game but they're making some really intriguing and distinct beats right from the off.

It's a complete mixed bag in terms of sounds and samples, from what could be a choir of chanting children to sampling Lil Kim's "ode to strong women" Suck My Dick on track Elephant. Another sign of what's still to come is their tribal tinged remix of recent Cymbals single Good Luck, have a gander here.

If all of the above wasn't enough to capture your attention, Ghost Eyes are about to bust loose UK-wide as support for Banjo Or Freakout and "Mr. Album of the Year" contender Gold Panda next month. Check any of their sites or Myspaces for full tour dates. For now, cop Phantom Mountain.

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