Friday, 29 October 2010

Hype: I Will Be Another Person

As I write this October caves in around me, and the temperature takes ice-y tumbles outside, the fog of another flu descends and I search for a nook in which to curl up and sleep the day away. A place to sleep to rest my head again...

From little speakers escapes Mozart Parties, gently crooning a comforting lullaby about being a better person and I think yes, I am feeling better. This is better.

Just two months young, Mozart Parties is the work of one James Bennett - newly re-located, now lost amongst the wilderness of the Lake District - and a sampler. His carefully piecied together, harmony-rich pop puzzles are drenched in atmosphere and Wish My Thoughts Away serves as perfect introduction to his self-confessed studied approach to music-making.

Shake off the slumber and share a moment with the maestro and his party below...

Mozart Parties - Wish My Thoughts Away

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