Monday, 1 November 2010

Hype: You Don't know Me Anymore

Foolishly, starting a band never even occurred to me when I was sixteen. I'm pretty sure that at that age I spent most of my time listening to commercial house and trance and figuring out how I could get in to nightclubs to meet girls. But some twig on early, like Reading four-piece PEERS.

It might be too soon to go crazy on the hyperbole front but from the charm of the two self-recorded demos that are currently floating around the internet and the fact that I can't get enough of this guy's voice, we might well be hearing a lot more from them come the New Year.

For now though, they're a band still growing in to their own skin and I'm sure that playing a handful of gigs before the end of the year (including a headline slot at BBC Introducing Live in Reading on 3rd November) won't hurt either. Not bad considering half of them can't even apply for a provisional driving license yet.

PEERS - The Pool (Demo)

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Scryst said...

Can't explain why but sounds a bit like Chapel Club ???