Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hype: Play It Again, Play It Over

Pic by Anders von Greffelstejn

As In Rebekkamaria is the alter-musical project of RebekkaMaria Andersson, front woman of Danish/Swedish band Lampshade.

A good friend of mine recently put me onto her, my only wish being that he’d done it sooner, as she played what seems to be her only UK date for the foreseeable future at Electroqueer’s Halloween Special in London two weeks ago.

The album, Queen of France, has absolutely blitzed its way through my charts, hanging onto the top spot for quite some time now, and rightly so.

Standout track She Lion is an absolute belter, at it's best when cranked up to full volume in my car with no regard to who can hear me whilst I sing my face off.

So far, the album has only been given a Swedish release (October 29th), but She Lion is set to be released in the UK at a date to be confirmed.

Fingers crossed she follows suit with the album, and then after what will be a painful wait on my part; a tour of the UK.

As In Rebekkamaria - Yours Truly (YSI)

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Panda said...

You are right! Absolutely fantastic! I saw her live and she was so good, the whole crowd was jumping up and down and most didn't even knew her! :D