Friday, 26 December 2008

Hype: The Man From UNKLE

As saddened as I was when I heard UNKLE's time had come to an end back in February, this was followed almost simultaneously with the news that Richard File had teamed up with Wendy Rae Fowler on a new project called We Fell To Earth.

Having met at the legendary Joshua Tree studio during the recording of the fantastic War Stories, the pair went straight into the studio to record an EP as well as an album. Both of which will be unleashed next year.

It's taken until now for some tracks to surface but from what I've heard, their patience has paid off. As you can hear for yourself on their page, it's not too far away from the later stages of UNKLE, with reverb all over the place and splashes of synth in all the right places, but if it's not broken...

We Fell To Earth - Lights Out (YSI)

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