Saturday, 29 November 2008

Hype: IIIrd

There aren't anywhere near enough posts dedicated to Hip Hop on this blog, it's about time that was put right.

Having come across him via New Look, I can't seem to get enough of NYC's Theophilus London.

First there was old school, then there was new school and now there's new... new school? Hip Hop has always flirted with the mainstreams of rock, pop and in recent years; electronic music. It's apparent more in 2008 than possibly ever, with Kanye's 808 & Heartbreak riding the crest of the wave.

Having taken the US by storm, he's literally just landed in the UK for his debut show on these shores at NYC/LDN @ Cargo in the capital tonight (Nov 29th). With the phenomenal JAM! mixtape (mixed by MachineDrum) under his belt, he's about to unleash another - This Charming Mixtape.

Here's the first released song from what is the precursor to his debut EP, relatively titled This Charming Man, which will be released through normREX/Warp (fast becoming an IT favourite in it's self!) in 2009.

Theophilus London - Cold Pillow (YSI)

Dedicated to the memory of model and best friend to Theo, Verdery Knights, whom died three days after the video for Cold Pillow was completed, in which she also featured.

If the above has wet your proverbial whistle, or you want to hear more before passing judgement, here's a few tracks from his debut mixtape (the full version can be found here).

Theophilus London - Forever Begins (YSI)
Theophilus London - Leader Of The New School (YSI)

For those of you in and around NY on 12 Dec, get to Le Poisson Rouge where he's performing with edIT (whom we posted on way back when) and the rest of The Glitch Mob. So jealous.

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